Amser Justin Time

Since losing Justin Smith, aka Pepsi Tate of glam rock band Tigertailz, to pancreatic cancer in Sept 2007, Amser Justin Time has been striving to raise awareness for pancreatic cancer in Wales.

Here at Marian Bach, Amser Justin Time has always been a charity very close to our hearts. With every event we hold we try to raise as many donations as possible in order to help this great charity. We hope you can help us.


Justin Time was formed in memory of Justin aka Pepsi Tate ‘Tigertailz’ who lived his life to the full but was sadly robbed from fulfilling his true potential.

“Given the ’time’ Justin could have and would have achieved so much more.” Shan says; ” I often think we’re on the ladder of creativity he would be right now is such a talented, creative and passionate soul.”

“After Justin’s diagnosis we painfully realised the seriousness of his condition and that ‘time’ was ticking away. Time is precious. Time is love.”

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